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Amazing Health Hacks Everyone Should Know (2)

Amazing Health Hacks Everyone Should Know

Whether it is resolving a headache within seconds or achieving supersonic hearing, there are several health hacks everyone should know. These hacks act as a motivation to enjoy healthy living by curing most forms of illnesses naturally without having to rely too much on medicine. The hacks not only help in promoting healthy living but also enhance productivity and efficiency of the body by keeping diseases off the body. The hacks include:

  • Enjoy supersonic hearing

When you are in a crowd such as when in a cocktail party, hearing what someone is saying to you might be quite hard and next to impossible. To experience supersonic hearing when in such a crowd, lean in with the right ear as it is better than the left year in following raid speech rhythms. On the other hard, if you are listening to music, lean in with the left year as it picks up music tones easier than the right year.

  • Use cold water to calm yourself downAmazing Health Hacks Everyone Should Know (1)

When nerves get the best of you and you feel frightened, it is advisable to take a deep breath and wash your face with cold water. Splashing cold water on the face triggers a genetic mammalian diving reflex that makes the body to utilize oxygen more efficiently. As such, it becomes easy to calm down and relax the nerves.

  • Make burns disappear

When you accidently burn your hand or other part of the body while cooking, you can relieve the pain by applying ice on the burnt surface. In addition to this, applying light pressure on the burnt part of the skin using your finger pads (of the unmarred skin), prevents the skin from blistering. As such, the burns will not show on the skin and will heal faster than they would if you did not use this hack.

  • Encode long-term memory

Amazing Health Hacks Everyone Should Know (1)If you are revising for exams or preparing for a speech that you will give the following day, reviewing it right before you get to sleep will make it easy for you to remember it the next day. This is because much of the memory encoding and consolidation happens while sleeping. Therefore, anything you read immediately before sleeping will be encoded in the brain as long term memory and thus it will be easier to recall what you read without making any reference.

There are a lot other health hacks everyone should know that are very useful in removing and curing most health conditions. These hacks are preventive remedies that have been proven to work for most people.